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     The TCM database is currently the world  largest and most comprehensive free down small molecular database on traditional Chinese medicine for virtual screening. Users download and use our database or the iScreen web server should cite this paper when they submit their researches. To  cite our papers, please  reference: 



TCM Database@Taiwan: The World's Largest Traditional Chinese Medicine Database for Drug Screening In SilicoPLoS ONE 6(1): e15939. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0015939.


TCM Database@Taiwan had been reported on Nature Medicine.


Databases aim to bridge the East-West divide of drug discovery, Nature Medicine 17, 1531 (2011) doi:10.1038/nm1211-1531a.



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About TCM Database

Traditional Chinese Medicine Database@Taiwan is currently the  most comprehensive and the largest non-commercial TCM database available for download.

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